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Mrs. Michigan America


Shaylett Stuckey
Mrs. Michigan America 2015

Shaylett answers her onstage question with poise, confidence and intelligence.


Our Mrs. Michigan America court is (L to R): Lorilee Gute, 4th RU; Jackie Blankenship, 1st RU; Shaylett Stuckey, Winner;  Christina Ackerman, 2nd RU; Stacey Davis, 3rd RU.
Congratulations to all of our Delegates for an amazing job.
 Photos by Mel Boonstra


  Welcome to the Mrs. Michigan America Pageant; the state's official preliminary to the Mrs. America Pageant. 
This pageant celebrates and recognizes married women as valuable assets and role models in our communities and allows each delegate to voice opinions about causes she finds significant. 
The Mrs. America Organization is a lifestyle brand dedicated to emphasizing the versatility, beauty and poise of America's 65 married women. 




Dr. Ayoub Sayeg

Official Caterer

Official Florist

Bridal Elegance &

The J Salon

Prete' Photography

Dr. Michael Sharp


Maria Harrington












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