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Mrs. Michigan America




We are now accepting applications for the 2016 Mrs. Michigan America Pageant. Your journey to Mrs. America begins here – the premier pageant for today’s married women. We invite you on a journey that could change your life forever. Here is some information you will find helpful getting started.

ELIGIBILITY: You must be 18 years old, married and reside in the state of Michigan to be eligible to compete at the pageant. Page two of the Official Application has a complete list of the eligibility requirements and rules. CLICK HERE FOR YOUR OFFICIAL APPLICATION


DATE & LOCATION: The Grand Rapids Metro area will again be the our host and will be held on March 25 & 26 at the Grandville High School Auditorium, 4700 Canal Ave, Grandville 49418. 


DEADLINE: The deadline to apply is March 12, 2015. All approved applicants registering after this date will be considered for 2016 Pageant. Please go to the "Application Inquiry" page and send us your information. Or simply download your application above and email it to


PRELIMINARY TITLES: Each approved contestant will be awarded a Preliminary Title and will have the opportunity to represent her area and community at the State Pageant. Each Preliminary Titleholder will receive an official Preliminary Embroidered Sash to wear at appearances. Please note: it is not required to hold appearances prior to the state competition. Your Preliminary Title will be in effect beginning September 1st, 2015 and you may actively represent your title until September 1st, 2016.


PERSONAL WEBPAGE: In addition,once your application is approved you will receive your own page on the website with your photo and bio (after September 1st). You have the option of adding sponsor ads, weblinks, appearance photos and your journal to this page for $50 for the year. We will maintain your page from our end and we encourage you to utilize your page to promote your sponsors, and post pictures of your appearances and good works you are doing in your community. This is your site page to do with what you want. For an example, click on "2015 Contestants."           


AREAS OF COMPETITION:  All contestants will be judged in Interview, Swimsuit, Evening Gown and On-Stage Question.


PRIVATE INTERVIEW:  The private interview contributes 40% of your total points.  It is where the judges really see your personality.  There will be an interview award given for the highest score.

SWIMSUIT COMPETITION: You will compete in a one or two-piece modestly cut swimsuit in any solid color you choose. You may wear a sarong if like. 25% of your score will come from the swimsuit competition.  There will be a physical fitness award presented.

EVENING GOWN: You will need a floor length gown of any color and style that reflects your personality and makes you feel beautiful.  25% of your score will come from evening gown competition.  There will be an evening gown award given for the highest score.

ONSTAGE QUESTION:  Each Delegate will select a random question from “the bowl” and answer it in front of the audience.  This allows the judges to see how comfortable and confident you are in front of an audience.  This area of competition contributes 10% to your final score.


TALENT: There is no talent competition.


OPENING NUMBER:  This is designed for you to have fun and relax as well as get comfortable on stage. There will not be any complicated dancing and you will introduce yourself to the audience at this time.    

PRIZES: We continually work on adding to our prize package, our goal is to increase the prize package each year. Please click "Prizes" on the home page to see what the 2015 Delegates recieved.

TITLE DEPOSIT:  To secure your title, please send a deposit of $125 with your Official Application, which can be downloaded from the top of this page. Once approved you will be given the Delegate Password to retrieve the remainder of the required documents. Your $125 deposit is applied toward your Entry Fee.  We strongly suggest that you get sponsors to help you pay for your pageant fee and expenses. There is no limit to the number of sponsors you may have. 

ENTRY FEE: The remainder of your entry fee after your title deposit is $475. You can pay your registration fee in one sum or in monthly installments, however all money must be received by the pageant office no later than March 12, 2016. Your entry fee includes Orientation Dinner for you and your spouse, your lodging, food, souvenir book and spouse's ticket.  Please read below for tips on securing sponsorships.  Unfortunately, fees paid are not refundable but may be transferred to the following year. Checks or money orders should be made payable to Mrs. Michigan America. You may also pay by credit card below.

STAGE PREFERENCE:  You will have the opportunity to select your stage preference.  What this means is you may choose to come out as the first Delegate, last Delegate or somewhere in the middle. Stage preference is given in the order that the pageant office receives the registration fee paid in full. 

SOUVENIR BOOK: Ad Pages in the Souvenir Book are not mandatory, but are your key to raising sponsor money. By utilizing your Personal Webpage and the Souvenir Book, businesses and organizations will support you, just ask.  Your sponsors can use this as a tax deduction for advertisement or a donation. Upon approval of your application you will receive a copy of the current year Souvenir Book which will be helpful when talking with sponsors.

Each ad page is $100 your cost. Our suggestion is for you to purchase ad pages and sell them to sponsors at a profit. Use your profit to help pay for your entry fee. You may create your ad page any way you choose. There is no limit to how many ad pages you may purchase.

Click on the ad examples below for ideas on what businesses you might try. Think about the places you do business with often; you’ll find many will be excited to support you. Pick the right time (not during peak business hours). Talk to the right person who is a decision-maker for the company. Be original, courteous, prompt and enthusiastic.

Example #1 Buy 2 pages for $100 each. Sell 3 equal sized ads on each page to businesses and organizations for $200 each (that's 6 - $200 ads). Your total ad sales are $1200. Your profit is $1000. Use your profit to pay your entry fee and the rest you can use to cover other pageant expenses. Click here to see an example    

Example #2  Buy 1 page for $100 and divide it into many different parts. You decide how much to ask for each ad.  Because the ads are smaller, you might charge $50 for each of these.  If you had 22 ads, as in the example below, you would sell $1,100 in ads and have a profit of $1,000 to use toward your entry fee and other expenses. This type would be nice for family, friends and very small businesses to get recognized for their support.  In addition you could recognize those businesses who support you with free products or services - like tanning, for instance.  Click here to see an example.   

Example #3  Buy 1 page for $100 and sell it to one sponsor for as much as you like.  $500 is typical for a full-page ad. You have made $400 you can use toward your entry fee. Remember to provide receipts to each sponsor.

These are just examples and ideas for you to use.  You might buy 2 - 3 ad pages and be able to recognize business who contribute financially and those who just want to support in smaller amounts.  The choice is yours.  Have fun.  You can do it if you just ask!         

Note:  Only Delegates with at least one full ad page will be considered for the Photogenic and Best Ad Page awards.  The judges will take into consideration all  the photos in the souvenir book.  Please call us if you need further guidance.

AWARDS: The following awards will be presented: Mrs. Congeniality, Husband of the Year, Audience Choice, Photogenic, Marriage Longevity, Best Ad Page, Community Service, Spirit of Pageantry, Physical Fitness, Evening Gown, Interview, and Top Five including Mrs. Michigan. Note: Only Delegates with at least one full page advertisement in the program book will be eligible for the Photogenic and Best Ad Page awards. 

REFERRAL PROGRAM: For every contestant that you refer and is approved for the Mrs. Michigan America Pageant, you will receive $100 off of YOUR entry fee. Refer five contestants that compete and your entry fee is PAID!

GETTING STARTED: Please send these items into the pageant office as soon as possible:

  1. Official application – your signed application is only for the pageant office use.  You will fill out a different form for the judge's.
  2. 5X7 b&w or color headshot - email if possible (you can change your picture later)
  3. Title Deposit of $125  

NATIONAL PAGEANT:  The winner of this pageant will attend the Mrs. America Pageant held in late August typically. These dates will be confirmed in the spring of 2016.

PASSWORD: Once we have these items and you are approved, your Preliminary Sash will be ordered (allow 4 weeks).  You will also be given a password to the Contestant Information link where you will find all other forms and information to prepare for competition. 


PRIVACY POLICY: The Mrs. Michigan America pageant will keep all documents, paperwork and your personal information confidential.


If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail.  We are so excited to be making this journey with you.

Jody Bernhardt, Executive State Director
Mrs. Michigan America
5761 Sunfish Lake Ave
Rockford, MI 49341